And Off to Ghana

Oh boy. I’m two days away from hopping on a plane to Accra, Ghana to go teach kids about science, technology, and the Internet. Much of our planning is very last minute as we’re trying to slap together a curriculum, local sponsorship, etc. We’re planning on doing much of it on the (loooong) flight over. It feels like the Greeks putting their stadia together at the last second! It worked out well for the Greeks, so I hope it works out well for us, too. On Saturday I got my CPR/AED+First Aid certification from the Red Cross with my roommate Chris; to celebrate, we watched “Hero” together, since we figured First Aid/CPR certification kind of makes us heroes of a lesser sort. 🙂 Today, I was qualified to work as an Elections Inspector for San Francisco in the November Presidential Election! Neat! This will be my first “government job”. I even had to take a little test that made sure I could look up numbers in a table and add them up. It was easy, but somehow the thrill of passing a test never gets old. The company continues to go well, but I’ve been programming so much that my fingertips tingle all the time and my forearm is sore; I’m going to need to get a wrist brace again to make sure I don’t literally code my hands off. It’s rough business trying to take a tiny amount of money and a handful of third-generation servers and turn it into an architecture that can robustly support 100,000 simultaneous users. The good news there is that I’ve had a series of very positive meetings and partnership discussions that point to things likely going very well once we launch. Keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂