Alack For The Trees

Trees, how I love you, but I love you not today.

The shade you have brought,
with your gentle boughs,
The comfort I had sought,
resting upon your limbs

I would climb, I would soar and scramble
up your side

and S   W I N G


Your coarse bark,
Your smooth twigs,
Your soft leaves,
and my greatest delight: orangecrunchyFALLleaves
following the scraping of the rake came the tumbles into piles

Trees I love you truly,
but I love you not today.
For today, you took my ‘Net away.

The men from Sprint,
they came a pair,
a pair of vans to suit them.

Antenna on an orange stick in hand,
they clambered up the roof and teetered there some while.
Whisperings and musings muttered twixt the two,
much tweaking of the gadgets they did do,
but sad indeed was the look in their eye
as they dropped down to meet me,
“To tell you the news, and I’m sorry that it is I,
thy ‘Net connection cannot pierce the trees to greet thee.”

They lumbered off to mumble in their vans
leaving me sole and disconsolate,
cursing at the trees.

Trees, I love you truly, but I love you not today.

At least Speakeasy is on their way.

Author: dweekly

I like to start things. :)