Beer Tasting Notes

On September 22nd, 2007, I got together with several of my friends (Eve Phillips, Jocelyn Joy Berl, Travis Kalanick, Nathan Schmidt, and Alan Keefer) and with the inspiration of my brother Chris Weekly we tasted a number of beers and rated them, along with commentary. They’re ranked here from top scoring to bottom scoring as averaged by all six individual scores. All scores are on a scale of 10.

Boddington’s (7.6)
– smooth, creamy, balanced
– i love it, wow
– it’s got “twang”
– clean finish, doesn’t linger
– quickly drinkable, goes down fast
– classically styled

Smithwick’s (7.1)
– very full-bodied, smooth beer
– mature, nothing up front, everything on the back end
– the trojan horse of beers
– almost “woodsy” not quite “floury”

Hen’s Tooth (6.6)
– malty musky
– bitter, sour, strong, “leather and coffee”
– could drink some amount of it

St. Peter’s Golden Ale (6.5)
– hoppy head, barley ass
– a little honeyed
– burnt toast, lingering
– a long finish
– citrusy like a bitter orange

St. Peter’s English Ale (6.0)
– hoppy, tart, smooth/subtle
– bready, easy to drink

Murphy’s Irish Red [in glass] (5.8)
– lacking in personality
– “the guy with pec implants”
– not at all what i would expect from an “irish red”,
this is an “irish pink”
– “almost great…but it misses”
– got a little “snap” to it
– sourdoughy, herby, tart, “sunny like a picnic”
– good picnic beer, cheerful / inoffensive
– “let’s play some volleyball”

Hobgoblin [wychwood brewery] (5.0)
– fruity, citrusy, “early bitterball”, a “clean exit”
– “this is almost a fruit juice”
– heavy, but doesn’t stick around
– wouldn’t want to drink a lot of it, “4 oz and i’m done”

Killian’s (5.0)
– transition beer from “not beer to beer”
– musty, “horsey”, “hay, urine, and dust”
– sparkly, not a lot of taste, bland
– “would not call in the morning”
– “meh”
– olivey
– a “bar beer”, “not a gourmet beer”
– velvety, soft, a little fruity / apple juice

Miller Lite (3.8)
– “club soda redone as beer”
– “it’s really nothing”
– inoffensive, simple
– watery
– “an inch and a half of roots showing”
– “trailer trash beer”

Belhaven “Wee Heavy” (3.4)
– nice color
– “something is wrong with this beer”
– eve WINCED – bitter & chocolatey “like a triple boch”
– rancid chocolate
– “it smells of feet…and not my feet”
– “over the top on every category”
– “italian chimay”
– strong attitude
– sweet, bitter, sour vanilla with chocolate
– “bridge and tunnel”

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