Ghana Wrapup

So I’m back from Ghana, safe and sound minus a nasty cold I picked up on some continent. (I never get sick!) The camp was a resounding success; sorry for not posting more here earlier, but it’s been a total zoo. I got back last night at 2pm and, shortly after explaining to someone how incredibly important it is to keep awake until it’s nighttime lest jet lag kick your butt. Oops; woke up at 3am, which is always interesting. The camp ended well; the last two days of the camp (Thursday and Friday) the Internet actually behaved reasonably well, so we got to walk the kids through search engines and our Internet Scavenger Hunt, which I think the kids just loved. Saturday was largely spent sleeping and recuperating and Sunday we dropped by the market to do a little shopping. I got myself a cool little twisty-bracelet made out of three metals; it looks pretty sweet, like a secret bangle of power. Then we checked out through Amsterdam, where we got to duck out into the early morning of the city for a little non-airplane-related exercise, walking past porn supermarkets and “coffeeshops” named “Reefer”. Not much was open, but it was wonderful to explore the architecture and frankly just to have a walk around in
the fresh air.

I’m very happy I did this camp; I learned a lot about Ghana, Camp Amelia, ICT, and myself. We were written up in Pravda, interviewed live on Joy-FM twice, and were on Ghana state TV (GTV) twice! I’m really excited that it sounds like I may be able to help work with the Ghanaian government to improve their ICT infrastructure; yay! But for now, I’m back, and am trying to launch my for-profit (Coceve), keep my non-profit (CommunityColo) from running out of funds, get better, write a press release for the camp, throw a huge party, prep for and take my GMATS, apply for business school (HBS & Sloan), and setup our house as a 501(c)(7) non-profit association. Hooray for tax-deductible parties. As a funny side-note, I can’t believe how many business books I managed to polish off during my downtime in Ghana; I read at least half a dozen! Anyhow, it’s back to the thought-zoo for me. Think cold-going-away thoughts for me.

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