I’m hired. I got a job at Legato Systems today. It’s a big company – a couple of thousand people. It looks like I’ll be one of their architects, helping them get a good vision for the future of backup and then helping them actually implement it. No, I won’t be able to tell you all everything that goes on there. 😉

It will be interesting being at a big company. Other than my work at MIT’s
Lincoln Labs, I’ve almost always worked in a startup-style environment, and
even at MIT, I was working as a “leaf” on the tree, free from having to deal
with any politicking or higher-level thinking. But in many ways, I find this
change attractive, because it will let me grow and understand how
larger corporations are structured. I plan to be at Legato for a while;
when I emerge, regardless of what I take on myself at that point, I’ll have a
firm understanding of larger-scale process.

One nice thing about working at a larger company will be that I will be able to work on side projects at home and also work on building Hacker Dojo version 2.0. (I’m currently living in 1.0.) I will continue my off-work exploits and be sure to post them here. 😉

One of the things that I’m honestly looking forward to most though is
culture hacking at Legato. By culture hacking, I mean changing the environment;
by changing people’s attitudes towards what can be done and what they can
expect out of their jobs. I’m looking forward to making Legato a really fun
and productive place to work. I’ve never been in an environment that felt so
ready for it: basically a bunch of smart people just waiting to have some
fun — asking for it explicitly, even. =)

I’m honestly just psyched to be working with a team of people on a regular
basis and to have some structure to my life to use as a platform for
world domination. =) In the interim, I’m learning Win32 as I contemplate
the possibility of getting a G4 when OS/X comes out so I can play with
such a pretty operating system that is actually Unix at its core.
[shudders in delight] I’m not a MacOS fan, but OS/X is starting to give
me tingles.

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