I’m In Ghana

So I’m writing this from a computer lab in Accra; it’s nicely modern, with about 50 pentium 4-2000 machines, but it’s about 1500ms to anything really interesting on the Internet backbone and the speed’s not that fabulous. But it works! And while we were hoping to have 50 students for the camp, it looks like we actually got more like 150 applicants; so we’re actually having to select which student we’ll take, which is bittersweet. The plane flights over were pretty brutal; a 10 hour flight from SFO to Amsterdam and a six and a half hour to Accra. I woke up this morning at four AM local time (having gone to bed at midnight) and was *wide* awake. Now it’s 11am local and I’m feeling like I need to sleep some more. It’s kind of wacky. We’ll be working on setting up the camp’s curriculum and so forth; the camp starts Monday! Keep your fingers crossed for us. People are friendly,
the city is insane with traffic and potholes and vendors and goats (more on that later; the sounds, colors, vistas, and smells are a real symphony of the senses. It’s an intense experience. I’m taking pictures – can’t upload them yet but I’ll post as soon as I can.

Author: dweekly

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