Why You Should Have a Website – and How To Do It

You should have a website. You have something to share that only you can share,
something that other people can enjoy, learn from, and be entertained by: your life.

Most people that I tell this to laugh and tell me that they can’t think
of anything to put on a website. This is because a lot of the personal
webpages out there aren’t very helpful or even very interesting: some
poorly designed page with blinking tags and silly animations with very
little to say and a few pictures of dogs and cats and the webmaster at
various parties. Most people are afraid of falling into this mode, and
justifiably so.

But most people don’t realize the really great stuff that they have to
share: it’s not (necessarily) their pictures of their dog or their cat
or what kind of ice cream they like: most people who don’t know you
really don’t care and can’t get anything out of that. Instead, think
back on the things that you have done. Maybe you’ve written poetry
about your garden. Maybe you’ve done some pencilled sketches of a
tree-filled horizon. Maybe you play a little guitar on the side. Maybe
you’ve picked up a thing or two about carpentry. All of these things
represent valuable contributions that you could make to the rest of

Share them! Type in your poems! Borrow a friend’s scanner to scan in
your pictures and paintings and sketches — and record that groovy guitar
lick you just came up with. Write a little piece on the correct way
to dovetail on a clothes bureau or that nifty recipe you have for walnut

Now putting it on a website doesn’t mean it will be read by millions.
Maybe only a handful of people will, and most of those even will be
your friends and family. but in the process of realizing what you have
to share and expressing that, you will have enriched yourself. And those
handful of people who came to your page will be that much more edified
about the world. And who knows? Maybe your page will be read by
thousands of people a day! But don’t start with this mentality or you’ll
get caught up in the (false) enormity of it all.

So now I hope I’ve got you pumped up to make a page. How should you
go about doing it?

Author: dweekly

I like to start things. :)